• Regia: Hank Levine
  • Anno di produzione: 2019
  • Genere: Drammatico

Dialogue Earth is a feature-length documentary, which offers us a moving portrait of

the German artist Ulrike Arnold who paints with earth and meteorites from remote

areas all around the world, and now travels through archaic, mystical landscapes in

the American Southwest, especially the wilderness of southern Utah.

Her encounters with old friends and farewells to others who have passed away and

the spirituality that Eli Secody of the Navajo Tribe finds in her paintings lead us to

contemplate her legacy and why her upbringing has led her to undergo a lifelong

journey of seeking. Exhibiting her work at White Pocket in the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness on the day

Trump announces his executive order permitting the dismantlement of national

monuments, she recognizes that this special landscape is in danger from mining and

oil exploration.

Visiting the US-Mexican border with artist friend Peter Young, she

reveals her plans for her next work: To unite for the very first time in one painting

earth colors from all the places she has visited over the past 40 years, to create a

visual expression of the diversity of the continents and their peoples, as an

articulation of unity, equality, peace and harmony. This statement for the

preservation and protection of our unique planet Earth is the One World Painting, a giant exclamation mark,

scheduled to be exhibited for the 50 the anniversary of Earth Day April 22 nd, 2020.