• Nazione: Switzerland
  • Regia: David Oesch
  • Anno di produzione: 2019

Full of hope, diligence and hunger for more, Jeanne, a young chef from a good family, starts her job in a Michelin star restaurant. To rise up in the brutal pecking order, she has to impress her merciless Chef de Cuisine which results in a war of differences in- and outside of the kitchen.

David Oesch was born in Thun, the city of wrinkles, in Switzerland in 1992. After earning a business school diploma he went on to get his first job as a journalist and photographer for the local newspaper. In 2015 he attended film school at the Zurich University of Arts. In 2019 he finished his Bachelor studies with three shorts and is now writing on his first feature called "Lügner" a genre film about a notorious liar.