• Nazione: FR
  • Regia: Patrice Cordonnier

Catherine, a French single woman, lands into the countryside of Marrakech in order to finalize the purchase of a luxurious villa with pool. But at the viewing of this one, she suddenly recants. When she accepts Ali's - her Moroccan taxi driver - proposition to play estate agent for her, it's all another trip which comes up to her.

Catherine, una donna single, sbarca nella campagna di Marrakech per completare l'acquisto di una lussuosa villa con piscina. Ma mentre lo guarda, all'improvviso cambia idea. Quando accetta la proposta di Ali - il suo tassista marocchino - di fare l'agente immobiliare, è tutto un altro viaggio che le viene in mente.

After a first professional life in Agronomy, Patrice decides in 2010 to focus on another of his
passions for Life: cinema and theatre.
He first improves himself - Cours Florent, Courts-On and Cineuropa - and then collaborates
on many ambitious projects which make sense as : Isabelle Marolleau's « Seul en scène »
"J'ose" - about the difficult mourning by a mother - performed in Avignon in 2013, Delphine
Moreau's documentary film "Entre Nous, Jean-Jacques" (philosophic reflexions of children in
elementary school) and "Quelque chose", a play of Capucine Maillard written in 2014 on the
difficulty of freeing the voices of women victims of incest.
Recently, Patrice wrote and directed in Marrakech "Entre deux Eaux" : 30 official selections
as in the Foyle Film Festival 2018, Londonderry, Northern Ireland and 10 awards as «
Outstanding Directing » in the Blow-Up Arthouse Film Fest 2017, Chicago and « Best Short
Film » in Paris Short Film Festival 2018, Paris and in the Venice Intercultural Film Festival
Since then, Patrice has directed shows mixing the arts - as Julien Joubert's musical comedy
"Rendez-vous" -, contemporary art exhibitions in Verderonne and Paris, scriptwriting support
("Les Femmes du Pavillon J", Mohamed Nadif's Feature Film selected in Marrakech
International Film Festival 2019 and National Film Festival of Tangier 2020) and the writing
of his own scenarios.