• Nazione: New Zeland
  • Regia: David Hay

A young woman goes home to pick up some things but discovers her flatmate, dead from an apparent suicide. She must somehow deal with the tragedy without alerting her eight year-old sister who is waiting in the car, just outside.

David Hay is an award-winning film and TV writer, director and producer. He's made over 100 hours of factual television for networks all over the world. Career highlights include almost killing Jackie Chan by making him walk off a cliff in Tibet, travelling New Zealand to discover the latest in cutting edge science, building a miniature of Captain Scott's tent, eating boiled intestines in a nomad tent on the Mongolian steppe and investigating masculinity and violence in maximum security prison. His short film Cold Fish (2017) has played at 30 festivals, picking up Best Short awards in Ravenna, Cortile and Ischia. He recently completed short film Hot Chocolate. His next film Canvass is scheduled to film in March 2020.