• Nazione: Sweden
  • Regia: Niclas Ribbarp
  • Anno di produzione: 2019

Keeping up appearances in the sphere of high society, whilst tolerating mutual infidelity provided it's kept secret - seems to be the only thing left sustaining Elizabeth's and Leonard's marriage. But when celebrating New Year's Eve in the Swiss Alps, their loveless pact is broken. On returning home from a party to their luxury chalet the accusations start to fly. This is surely the end of their relationship - unless one of them is prepared to pay a very high price..

Born in Dec 1963 in Sweden he had an early interest in imagery and how the light can bend around corners. He was quite an avid user of pen and paper already at a young age and took on the camera as an interest soon enough. As a trained low-power engineer with mechanical interest he switched career in the late 80's to photography, and switched once again in the early 90's to cinematography and filmmaking, started out shooting music videos with a major film production house in south Sweden. He later became a video editor, a studio manager and a visual producer with a TV-production company. In the mid 90's he moved to southeast Asia where he freelanced as a cameraman for TV and a gaffer-grip in the local film industry of Singapore. In '99 he came back to Sweden and Stockholm where he opened a production unit with a friend from LA. In 2005 he shot his first Swedish feature film - "Say that you love me", and became a member of the Swedish Cinematographers Association - FSF. Soon after he decided to try his luck in India and till today he has worked on three Indian features as a DP. He has tried his skills as a director on a fair amount of short films and other types of productions over the years and coming from a tech background, has even taken short courses in acting "to better understand what a director is asking from his talent" Currently he has a few projects on his slate, both short- and long format, projects that he has written or initiated and are planning to direct. He is also in the process of prepping for yet another Indian feature where principal photography is planned to start early 2019.