4' 30''
  • Nazione: Finland
  • Regia: Joakim Juti Merino
  • Anno di produzione: 2019
  • Genere: Drammatico

In a time before music, a wise old wizard builds a harp from the jaw of a monster, and brings magic to the world. Based on rune #40 from the Kalevala, a collection of ancient Finnish folktales and myths.

Joakim Juti (1996) is a director, producer, and animator. Joakim began directing with "Goodbye" and has since then directed and animated "Runo", a short film based on Finnish mythology. Joakim Juti has also worked for independent and studio productions, from the sci-fi short film "No Compassion, No Mercy" to the Rovio kid's show "Piggy Tales".