Winners of the Elba Film Festival 2019:

GOLD Award:

Best Short: "Artemis and the astronaut" by Alice L. Lee

Best Director: "Video Check" by Mohamed Fard

Best Screenpaly: "Boys night out" by DAves Gillies

Best cinematography: "Anna" by Federica d'Ignoti

Best Actor: "City of honey" by Moein Ruholamini

Best Actress: "Wild berries" by Magdalena Jaroszewicz

Best Set design: "A-live" by Alice Rotiroti

Best Editing: "La ricetta della mamma" by Dario Piana

Best Documentary:"Island of fire" by Anna Bressanin

Best Short directed by a woman: "Nisa" by Barbara Mueller


Best Short: "Retouch" by Kaveh Mazaheri

Best Director: "Seven seas" by Martin-Philippe Tremblay

Best Screenpaly: "Azadeh" by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad

Best cinematography: "Bellafronte" by Magdalena

Best Actor: "Missed" by Fokke Baarsen

Best Actress: "Sylvia" by Richard Pendergast

Best Set design: "Be home soon" by Keith Armonaitis

Best Editing: "Video check" by Mohamed Fard

Best Documentary: "9999 Florentine memories" by Elettra Fiumi

Best Short directed by a woman: "Fresh blood" by Richa Rudola


Best Short: "Forbidden" by Vibha Gulati

Best Director: "The stone" by Yuli Gerbase

Best Screenpaly: "Sylvia" by Richard Pendergast

Best cinematography: "Wild berries" by Magdalena Jaroszewicz

Best Actor: "Tumble dry" by Stephen Riscica and Delia Kerry

Best Actress: "Retouch" by Kaveh Mazaheri

Best Set design: "the replacement" by Sean Miller

Best Editing: "Lost love" by Nello Petrucci

Best Documentary: "Murano sottovuoto" by Edoardo Vojovoda

Best Short directed by a woman: "Snow Child" by Diana Cignoni